House Buying is not so fun

I am so stressed about all this house buying business, I have been sick because of the stress I am under and then today when I was heading out the door I realised that Ben had Taken My car, and the key to his car off my key ring, so i could'nt go anywhere. Ben Works 15 minutes drive in One direction (about 27 k's) and I work about 25 minutes drive in the OTHER direction (about 35k's) So i was 15 minutes late for work, my boss had to do my 1pm appointment, which is not very professional, but what could i do, I was actually running early for once too!!
Then when i finally get to work I read the paper, looking for a house, (thursdays are property guide day)and there is nothing....
Ben was talking to a lady today who thinks we should build, which is something we have looked at before, but at the moment its a little too expensive, but if we have to wait till christmas anyway, we could probably afford it, I am just so over it, I told ben to just buy me a new beatle and that would do, but we cant sleep in a beatle (well i could and proabably would if i had one) but i guess i cant renovate a car, or have a shower in a car?There really is only one thing that can make me feel better at the moment and guess what it is?
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Quizzila again

Am cold and about to go to bed, But i found a cute couple of little quizzilas over at sams lj, so i had a play with them

You are a blonde. You love attention from the
opposite sex, and just want to have fun. People
often take you for innocent, but you know
what's going on.

What is your inner anime hair color?
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crazy eyes

What kind of anime eyes do you have? (picture results)
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Another bloody Sunday

Yet another pointless Sunday spent doing NOTHING! Am thinking about going to finish a top i am half way through making, its cream, rather low cut, i just have the sleaves to put in and hem it, then i can put the lace on it, which is'nt hard, I want to find some chocolate coloured lace for the neck line and cuffs, something vintage, I am getting into all these hippy/gypsy type clothes that are out at the moment, Plus they look good, with my long curly hair. I have a nice pair of cream pants i made too, but they were a little on the small side,(gave me that permanant wedgie look) but in the last few weeks i have lost so much weight they might look good, if so i will have to take another trip to the fabric shop and get some cool paisly material, to make a tunic style top to go with them for the summer, (and then we'll need to head to the shoe store for a new pair of sandels as soon as they get their summer stock in) Oh Bring on Summer i say, the clothes are cuter, the days are longer, and its Xmas......I love xmas am a major Christams freak, I annoy the hell out of people because i am so damm perky and happy all the time
I annoy Ben on Christams day because I am awake at 5am every year, and this year i will be getting the two towers extended dvd for xmas with the cute gollum statue, so i will have to be up early If i am going to watch it before lunch,. Then the best bit about christmas this year will be that Return of the King opens at midnight xmas night/boxing day morning, guess who's going to the midnight screening to perv?
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What else can happen to me now?

I have an infected finger, I have no bloody idea how the hell that happened, I cant remeber cutting it, But i was shampooing a ladies hair the other day and it stung, noticed a cut, was'nt too bad, so i left it uncoverd, silly me, Now i think i have some dirty little sharp bit of hair in it and its infected to hell, and hurts like a bitch, i kid you not, i think they will have to amputate at the neck!
I have two nasty little flea bites, one on each leg, just where my socks go, so they rub, and the bites hurt, gotta love that, ( have got all equiptment for operation Kill All fleas and have started on that already, my poor babys)
And because I am so stressed about buying a house i have colic again, Yes that is the thing babies get, but if you have it when your a baby (which i did) you can sometimes get it again later in life (which i do) in high stress times, It feels like someone is plunging a hot knife into you chest and twisting it, makes it hard to breath, I almost had to pull the car over tonight on my way home because of it, But i will survive, at least i dont run into ovens (hmmm I wonder who that was) and i can complain about it on here because if you dont want to read it and hear me complain you probably stopped reading at line 2.
Am going shopping to price a few things the latest house we are interested needs,tomorrow, like a hot water cylinder, oven, hot plates, fan. dishwasher heater? yes it only has an open fire? whats with that?
So I think i might take my Flea bitten, chest and finger hurting body off to bed now
See ya soon Love mandi
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I hate working

Am about to buzz of to work, am getting my good morning Fix, from the beutiful Mr Monaghan, I could just melt, when that man talks. Hopefully I am getting my hair done today, was too busy yesterday, so i want at least the cut done today, I can whack a colour on myself next week if i get that desperate, but trying to cut ones own hair?
Am not happy at the moment, One of my kittens was scratching last night, and on closer inspection i discovered a flea, just what i needed, now i have to get flea collars, flea bombs, and attck the cats with powder and give them baths, which is not an easy task, especilly where Keetah is conserned, I had to bath them once when they were smaller, and oh my god, Lucky i decided to put a pair of gloves on, she clawed them to death, Obie is easy to bath, he's just dosile!, Poor little things they cant understand why they are not allowed in our Bedroom on the bed that they love so much, After i get home from work they will be fine, I'm not happy with my next door neighbour, thats where they got them i think, they escaped into his yard, the other day, so I blame him, I have never had fleas on my kittys beofre,
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The House buying saga continues

Gawd I dont think we are ment to buy a house, we found one we both like but the realestse agent is trying to make us buy it tommorow, How rude, There is no way i am going to buy for the sake of buying, with out a building inspection first.
Had a "fun" day at work, it was pay day so that makes it bearable, I did'nt get my hair done, we were too busy, hopefully tommorow i can get it done, I will be so happy to have some cut off it so i get rid of my baby mullet that decided to grow for somereason (probably because my boss cuts like a shocker) and stuffed it just before christmas, ah well i have to keep it long for Biancas wedding next year which is in April, yippy.
Am looking for a new dom pic to perv on, but there seems to be a sudden shortage of pics i have'nt seen, There are alot of pics with that chick, Elijah in them, i dont want to look at her, I know she's in this one, but ignore her, just look at the Dom
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New Layout

Okay after much playing and trying to get things right i think i have it, I like it and thats all that matters really, What do you think? You did'nt excpect anything else from me i hope, I like my Mr Monaghan background. Sam and i have been "test driving" each others Lj's to see what they look like and we discovered that Dom had no head when viewed at a low resolution, so i have fixed it now, if you have a low res, dom will have a head, If you have a high res like me, he just looks like he's in the middle of the page,
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Just palying

Am rally bored tonight, have not been well, have a new house to look at, and am worried I did'nt lock the salon door when i left, shit!!! I have done that heaps and drive the 30 minutes back there to check on what i think i forgot, only to find i did it with out thinking, I have'nt done it for so long, I usually try and make myself, double cheak but tonight because i was'nt well, I just wanted to go home, so i did'nt double check the door! oh well if my next entry says i got the sack, you know why!
I am just playing around with the style of my Lj too so if it changes a bit you know why.
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You are a pervy Hobbit fancier! You don't really
care who they are, or what they do, as long as
they're short and have really harry feet!

Are you a pervy hobbit fancier?
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75%! you love hobbits!!! You are more a fan of the
book than the movie, and taking your knowledge
of Tolkien's furry creatures into account, you
could probably write a book of your own! :)

How hobbit-obsessed are you?
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You must be a pervy Hobbit fancier if you use your
Hobbit for this sort of thing. Need I say more?

LOTR - If You Owned A Hobbit What Would You Use It For?
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you gess what you merry look what up on your life!

what hobbit would you marry?
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Merry! He is Pippin's best friend and they go
everywhere together, and even both get
captured! Maybe you like Merry's yellow vest,
or the fact that he is just kind
of...there....the strong silent type I guess!
Whatever it is, Merry's for you!

Which Hobbit (LOTR) is your Soulmate?
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You fancy Merry. He is kinda quite, but he is
pretty brave. He won't like you at first unless
you are not a "Strider"

Which Hobbit Do You Fancy?
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