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I'll be loving you forever

Yay, i am so so hyper right now, Erin came on YIM a few minutes ago and told me dom was on E! And he was and i did'nt miss it, YAY
It was dom at Comic Con and they showed a few shots of him on stage and then they did a close up of him and Lij *coughs* being all cute (not lij) with his head off to one side, saying "Entertainment Television" in a cute little voice that was to be honest a little scary (especially from lij with his round teeth, why do round teeth make people look evil?) I was sitting about 3 inches away from my 80cm telly and screamed when he came on (just as well bens not here) then....Orli came on with a clip from POTC, which we dont get till september, but what a pervy lot of telivision then i went back out and guess who was on, Sean William scott and Thomas Ian Nicholas (From american pie) remeber Thomas Stel from our movie???????????????
What pure perving plesure

American Pie
Jason Biggs, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris Klein, Seann William Scott

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