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What The Hell Is With Australia???

I am so disapointed with this counry I may migrate to live with Stel yet.
What the hell were you silly silly australain people thinking??? Voting Dan the man Out of the big brother house! Granted I did'nt think he had a chance to win against Regina, but beaten by Chrissy? Can we say disapointed? I am in utter utter shock and i know Sam will be equally pissed off.
On a happier note I have just spent a wonderfully blissfull hour on my own, in a hot bubble bath, with my vanilla and strawberry piller candles as the only light, Elton JOhn songs playing on the stereo, glass of Orange Juice, Facial mask and a thick coat of my favourite Apricot oil moisturiser, followed by some new fan dangled body cream bens sister gave me for my birthday, it has relaxation oils in it, now i am toasty arm here in my winne the pooh satin pj's Life is good!!!!

On an even happier note i found this at stellys Lj

The Extremely Silly Which Stereotypical Member of the Fellowship Are You Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Now i think i will refill my glass with apple juice and go to bed and watch Snatch, I have a thing for Brad Pitts accent in this movie

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