mandi (mandi_jayne) wrote,

Death and the hole it creates

When i was little, we moved every 6-9 month, my brother and i only had one another, we wher enever anywhere long enough to create real friends. When my parents seperated and we moved to Tasmania we had heaps of cousins, unfortunatly either older or younger than us. We moved in with my mums parents, on a farm, we where city kids, scared of animals and dirt.

Two farms up the road lived two other kids, Ali and Carmen, they became our first real friends. I can remember getting up at the crack of dawn and getting some toast throwing on clothes and racing outside to play with them, all day, we'd build cubby's, play fight, get into trouble and get dirty. We'd go home at the end of the day tired, dirty and happy. We often had sleep overs and these kids where our "cousins". We sort of lost touch over the years but we always held these memories in a very special place, Ali and Carmen where "our" childhood friends.

Last Saturday night Ali was killed in car accident. Single vehicle, on the midlands highway. I went to his funeral today. He was only 12 months older than me. He was just about to finish renovating his house with his defacto, he was happy.

Its was very sureal for me to be there, I saw his mum and dad, who treated me like i had only seen them last week. Carmen was so strong, she is so brave I dont think i could be.... She looked so little though, she lives in Melbourne, we'v made plans to meet up and have a drink or something if she is home by the time i go in a fortnight.

Things like this make you realise that life is so too short, Please make the most of every minute you have.

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