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Is anyone still alive in LJ land?

Hello hello out there...................

Wondering who is still around on LJ i see three of you are but your on my FB too (bless you) but i was wondering who else is still here?

Life has taken me a long way from where i once was...........

I am a mummy now, to very active 1 year old TWINS. Noah & Chloe! They are so entertaining but at the same time bloody hard work.

I miss all of you guys and wonder where you all are and what you are all up to
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thank you god.

I dont spend as much time online "stalking" for facts on actors like i once did, But today i thought i would have a muck around and see what info i have been missing out on

Dominic Monaghan has gone back to film....finally. He seems to have been working alot and has lead roles in 2 films and is in the new X-men movie (tries to contain girlish squeal)
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Our little"holiday"

Ben and i just went on holiday......two blissful weeks in the Hunter Valley & Sydney NSW
here is a little picture to show any of you that are interested what we got up to......Please dont feel left out we eloped, so we had two beautiful ladies that are very special to us as our attendants and even our parents did'nt know.

our wedding1

shopping, nicole

Death and the hole it creates

When i was little, we moved every 6-9 month, my brother and i only had one another, we wher enever anywhere long enough to create real friends. When my parents seperated and we moved to Tasmania we had heaps of cousins, unfortunatly either older or younger than us. We moved in with my mums parents, on a farm, we where city kids, scared of animals and dirt.

Two farms up the road lived two other kids, Ali and Carmen, they became our first real friends. I can remember getting up at the crack of dawn and getting some toast throwing on clothes and racing outside to play with them, all day, we'd build cubby's, play fight, get into trouble and get dirty. We'd go home at the end of the day tired, dirty and happy. We often had sleep overs and these kids where our "cousins". We sort of lost touch over the years but we always held these memories in a very special place, Ali and Carmen where "our" childhood friends.

Last Saturday night Ali was killed in car accident. Single vehicle, on the midlands highway. I went to his funeral today. He was only 12 months older than me. He was just about to finish renovating his house with his defacto, he was happy.

Its was very sureal for me to be there, I saw his mum and dad, who treated me like i had only seen them last week. Carmen was so strong, she is so brave I dont think i could be.... She looked so little though, she lives in Melbourne, we'v made plans to meet up and have a drink or something if she is home by the time i go in a fortnight.

Things like this make you realise that life is so too short, Please make the most of every minute you have.
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Inspired by mara

I just read frozenwithin's lj, both her and minya have done FLIST CUTS. I too have decided to follow suit, I am sorry to anyone that reads this, finds they have been defriended and gets upset, Its not ment like that, I just dont want to have to wade through a lot of journals everytime i want to read up on my flist! Alot has changed in my life during the last 12 months, I have changed, and thats all the excuse i feel like giving!

ETA: I have 16 special little friends now, one philly community, and the losteps community.

I'll be loving you forever

Yay, i am so so hyper right now, Erin came on YIM a few minutes ago and told me dom was on E! And he was and i did'nt miss it, YAY
It was dom at Comic Con and they showed a few shots of him on stage and then they did a close up of him and Lij *coughs* being all cute (not lij) with his head off to one side, saying "Entertainment Television" in a cute little voice that was to be honest a little scary (especially from lij with his round teeth, why do round teeth make people look evil?) I was sitting about 3 inches away from my 80cm telly and screamed when he came on (just as well bens not here) then....Orli came on with a clip from POTC, which we dont get till september, but what a pervy lot of telivision then i went back out and guess who was on, Sean William scott and Thomas Ian Nicholas (From american pie) remeber Thomas Stel from our movie???????????????
What pure perving plesure

American Pie
Jason Biggs, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Chris Klein, Seann William Scott
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Comic Con

Stelly just gave me a link to the most wonderfull little collection of pictures I have been lost for words once again, by the Hobbit Merry.
Regina Bird is the 2003 winner of Big Brother Australia. Reggie is the most sweetest lovable peron in the world, and she's a little tassie devil like me. (I still think Dan should have won,)
Ben still wants to build, I am a little worried though, its scary, Unless I can build Something Modern like a colourbond clad house, I saw a nice one the other day, shinny silver colour bond with black trims, verry modern.
Anyway off to look at some more house plans and some more dom pics, here are a few for your enjoyment








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What The Hell Is With Australia???

I am so disapointed with this counry I may migrate to live with Stel yet.
What the hell were you silly silly australain people thinking??? Voting Dan the man Out of the big brother house! Granted I did'nt think he had a chance to win against Regina, but beaten by Chrissy? Can we say disapointed? I am in utter utter shock and i know Sam will be equally pissed off.
On a happier note I have just spent a wonderfully blissfull hour on my own, in a hot bubble bath, with my vanilla and strawberry piller candles as the only light, Elton JOhn songs playing on the stereo, glass of Orange Juice, Facial mask and a thick coat of my favourite Apricot oil moisturiser, followed by some new fan dangled body cream bens sister gave me for my birthday, it has relaxation oils in it, now i am toasty arm here in my winne the pooh satin pj's Life is good!!!!

On an even happier note i found this at stellys Lj

The Extremely Silly Which Stereotypical Member of the Fellowship Are You Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla

Now i think i will refill my glass with apple juice and go to bed and watch Snatch, I have a thing for Brad Pitts accent in this movie
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